“You must earn His grace and be worthy of His love”

Baba at St. Mira Schools, March, 1957 (Photo courtesy: Meher Nazar)

[Baba’s message to the student of Saint Mira High School]

“The […]

Peace and happiness are to be sought for within oneself

On 30 January, Baba gave this message for the new Hindi weekly periodical,Guide (published in Raipur):

Throughout the ages men have been deeply involved in […]

All existence is within you

Baba at St Mira High School (Photo courtesy: Meher Nazar)

God is everywhere, in everything. Most of all, He is right within […]

Hypocrisy, the unforgivable sin

“The only sin which God does not forgive is hypocrisy. The hypocrite deceives himself and others too. These days the hypocritical saints have […]

About ‘the great depression’

We find ourselves today in the midst of a worldwide depression which affects everyone, rich and poor alike, and from which all are groping […]

The practical way to express love

In the material world, every pie [cent] counts. In the subtle world, every ounce of energy counts. In the mental world, the force of […]

Be pure in thought

Occasionally though, Baba would purposely bring up some topic in the newspaper. If in the course of reading it aloud in mandali hall any […]

“All those who do not see God are blind”

Baba at the Home for the Blind, Koregaon, Poona – 11 April 1959. Nana Kher reading the message. (Courtesy: Meher Nazar)

On Saturday, […]

“It matters how one lives”

A woman actively involved with the Theosophist movement had spent many years in India. When she met Baba on the 1st, she […]

Both the pleasures and pains are short-lived

When Ghani was preparing Baba’s bath around two o’clock that afternoon, the Master ordered chocolates from the market and distributed them among the […]