All existence is within you

Baba at St Mira High School (Photo courtesy: Meher Nazar)

God is everywhere, in everything. Most of all, He is right within yourself. You do not exist for the world — the world exists for you.

There is an amusing illustration of this in the story of the ant. An ant was trying to cross a stream on a leaf. Midstream the leaf, tossed by the wind, overturned and the ant cried: “Help, help, the world is drowning!”

A frog close by said: “What rubbish. The world is not drowning; you mean you are drowning.”

“Well,” said the ant, “once I drown the world might as well not exist for me. So for me it means not only that I am drowning but that the world is drowning, too.”

In the same way, all existence is within you. God is to be found within yourself, and once you find Him you have found the only treasure worth finding. I give you my blessings that you love God and find Him., p4159
March, 1957; Poona (Saint Mira High School)

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