“All those who do not see God are blind”

Baba at the Home for the Blind, Koregaon, Poona – 11 April 1959. Nana Kher reading the message. (Courtesy: Meher Nazar)

On Saturday, 11 April 1959, Baba visited the Poona School and Home for the Blind in Koregaon Park.

Baba gave this message, which Nana Kher read out:

People generally think that the blind are unfortunate. You may also sometimes think so. But it is people with eyesight who are really unfortunate. They think that all the things they see are real. But they do not see God, Who alone is real.

All those who do not see God are blind. The only thing worth seeing is God. So even those who have physical sight may be more blind than those who are physically blind and love God within.

Today, I embrace you with my love so that some day you may have real Sight and see me everywhere.

Baba then gave each of the students and teachers a touch of his Reality by embracing them. During the program, one of the younger blind boys sat on Baba’s lap for a while and clung to him so tightly that he had to be forcefully removed. On the way back to Guruprasad, Baba remarked, “I liked that boy very much. There is a reason why he is blind. My visit to the institution was particularly for him.” Baba instructed Ramakrishnan to go back to the school and bring the boy to Guruprasad the following morning. When the boy was brought, Baba caressed the child again and kept him with him until noon.

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11 April, 1959; Koregaon, Poona

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