Love in any shape and form is the finest give and take

“Love for God, love for fellow beings, love for service and sacrifice — in short, love in any shape and form is […]

Inscribe these words in your heart

Turning to Filis and Adele, Baba remarked, “Nothing matters but love for God. Masts have this love. One must drown in the lake […]

Love and honesty

“One must always try to be happy and make others happy; otherwise, life will be a bore.

Honest living is also very important […]

Love, pure and simple

“And when you love me with pure, simple love, there should be no barrier. Love, pure and simple, then all doubts go away. Until […]

Act in preference to your heart over mind

[A questioner speaks of the conflict between emotion and discretion]

Baba: When the intellect discards the dictates of conscience, or when the […]

Need for another terrible dream

[Personal Interviews – Zurich, 1934]

A German Editor. He feels that the Swiss people are not receptive of Eastern lore. The people do not […]

People talk, but do not seek God’s grace

[Personal interviews]

28. A clergyman and a doctor friend.

Q. From the Christian standpoint, Christ […]

The spiritual change of heart

Questioner: How is selfishness caused, and why?

Baba: At the root of all is selfishness, self-interest, want, desire. If two dogs see a bone, […]

Conscience vs. discrimination

Interview at Zurich in 1934

Q. How can one develop conscience?

BABA:  Conscience can never be defined as right or wrong, because it is […]

The thick curtain of maya

On another occasion, Baba quoted this verse from the Perfect Master Tukaram:

Even if I were to have your sahavas […]