Conscience vs. discrimination

Interview at Zurich in 1934

Q. How can one develop conscience?

BABA:  Conscience can never be defined as right or wrong, because it is […]

The Voice of Conscience and Firmness of Mind

“Your mind must be as firm as a rock that resists strong blasts of wind from all sides […]

Your conscience is the best judge

Neither praise nor blame should distract you from the path of your duty. Leave aside all other considerations; if your […]

Your conscience is the best guide

Chanji and Dhake were conscientiously carrying out their responsibilities [with regard to Meher Ashram school], which they took very seriously. They were […]

Don’t go against your conscience

A small group of four or five energetic and enthusiastic workers of the Swaraj party dropped in today. They happened by en route from […]

Baba-work – “Live what you preach”


Live what you preach. Have 100 percent honesty or keep your mouths shut! The best judge as to whether you are honest and […]