The Voice of Conscience and Firmness of Mind


“Your mind must be as firm as a rock that resists strong
blasts of wind from all sides without budging an inch.”

This saying alludes to the weakness of mind that people exhibit when they do things half-heartedly, just for show (before the eyes of the world in general), and many times against the voice of their own conscience, will, and wish. For instance, suppose your mind and conscience honestly admit and tell you that offering complete surrender to a Sadguru will do you good: in that case, do it—surrender to him your heart and soul—even if the voice of the whole world tells you otherwise, even if the whole world opposes you. Do not do it merely to please him, nor out of the fear of incurring his displeasure, nor to please and make a good show before other members of the mandali. In just the same way, if your head and heart refuse to admit the existence of any such Power in him (the Guru), if they distinctly tell you not to bow down before him, then don’t do it, even at the risk again) of provoking his displeasure. For the true Guru would, on the contrary, be pleased with such honest, open, bold action on your part, preferring it to a false show of submission and surrender.

There are many who seek the Sadguru’s darshan and visit him yet at the same time are afraid of the world’s disapproval and mockery at their stooping and bowing down before that Sage’s feet. They do it nonetheless just to satisfy their own mind and soul which honestly call for such acts of submission before him; but they do so half-heartedly like cowards, furtively looking about here and there before and after falling at his feet, to ascertain whether some outsider skeptical of such carryings-on has seen them stooping and prostrating themselves in this way.

My advice to you all is: do nothing that you don’t believe in, don’t act against the voice of your conscience, neither to please me nor to please the world. Be resolute, firm, unswerving, immovable as a rock—in spite of the world’s opposition—if you really think and honestly believe that what you are doing is right.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p281
23-October-1926; Meherabad


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