His constant remembrance tears the umbrella of sanskaras

On April 22nd, Baba went for a walk to the beach after lunch. Pointing to the ocean, Baba remarked to […]

For emancipation from sanskaras, surrender is the solution

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Emancipation from the grip of life and freedom from the labyrinths of actions are made possible for all […]

The futility of individual efforts and struggles for emancipation from sanskaras

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Karma yoga, dnyan yoga, raj yoga and bhakti yoga serve the purpose of being prominent signposts on the path of […]

Creative control (Sublimation): Love


Selfless service and meditation are both spontaneous when they are inspired by love. Love is therefore rightly regarded as being the most important […]

Creative control (Sublimation): Selfless service

While meditation on the personal and impersonal aspects of God requires withdrawal of consciousness into the sanctuary of […]

Creative control (Sublimation):  In Meditation no new sanskaras are formed and old ones are dispersed



Meditation is deep and constant concentration upon an ideal object. In such concentration upon an ideal object, the person is […]

“All worship returns to me”


Christ knew he would be crucified and felt it. He was all bliss. His suffering was universal, but alongside, he was on all […]

Creative control: Sublimation diverts the mental energy locked up in old sanskaras

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Spiritual progress is thus characterized by the dual aspect of renouncing the false values of […]

Creative control (sublimation): The process – Replacing lower values with higher is a process of readjustment

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The mind, becoming accustomed to certain habits of thought and response, does not find it easy to adjust itself to […]

Creative control (sublimation): The process – Replacing lower values with higher values

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However, if control is purely mechanical and aimless, it defeats its own purpose, which is to make possible the free and […]