His constant remembrance tears the umbrella of sanskaras

On April 22nd, Baba went for a walk to the beach after lunch. Pointing to the ocean, Baba remarked to the group present:

I am like the ocean you see before you – always ready to receive anything, good and bad. All your thoughts, feelings, all and everything, lay them at my feet and be free!

I am like the sunshine which falls evenly on all objects. But if a person holds an umbrella over his head, he does not benefit from the sun’s rays. The umbrella prevents you from receiving rays of light from the Guru. You have to close this sanskaric umbrella in order to receive the light from the Master. Only then will you tangibly acquire the light.

To do this, only think of me and keep me in your thoughts. The umbrella (sanskaras) will be gradually closed as a result of my nazar – sight.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1388
Apr, 1932; England


“Repeating my name is not enough. It should be done with all love and faith. You should continue to love me more and more. It is true that man can become God just through loving me.”

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