For emancipation from sanskaras, surrender is the solution

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Emancipation from the grip of life and freedom from the labyrinths of actions are made possible for all and attained by a few, when a Perfect Master, Sadguru or Qutub is approached and his grace and guidance are invoked. The Perfect Master’s invariable counsel is complete surrender to him. Those few who do surrender their all—mind, body, possessions—so that with their complete surrender they also surrender consciously their own ‘selves’ to the Perfect Master, still have their very being left conscious to commit actions which are now activated only by the dictates of the Master.

Such actions, after the surrender of one’s ‘self,’ are no longer one’s own actions. Therefore, these actions are capable of uprooting all other actions which feed and sustain life. Life then becomes gradually lifeless and eventually succumbs, by the grace of the Perfect Master, to its final death. Life, which once debarred the persevering aspirant from realizing perpetual Existence, can now no longer work its own deception.

I have emphasized in the past, I tell you now, and I shall age after age forevermore repeat that you shed your cloak of life and realize Existence which is eternally yours.

To realize this truth of unchangeable, indivisible, all-pervading Existence, the simplest way is to surrender to me completely; so completely that you are not even conscious of your surrender, conscious only to obey me and to act as and when I order you.

If you seek to live perpetually, then crave for the death of your deceptive self at the hands of complete surrender to me. This yoga is the essence of all yogas in one.

-God Speaks, 2nd Ed, p273


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