The working of the Avatar – In the working out of the avataric whim there is not the least element of chance

The Avatar does not as a rule interfere with the working out of human destinies. He will […]

The working of the Avatar – The Avatar’s actions are impulsive and arise from their infinite compassion

Everything in the universe is, and from the beginning has been, a materialization of the divine Original Whim working out […]

The working of the Avatar – The Avatar is the Axis or Pivot of the universe

The Avatar draws upon Himself the universal suffering, but He is sustained under the stupendous burden by His Infinite Bliss […]

The Eternal Birthday Message

On December 11, 1968 Baba dictated this message for his 75th birthday the following year [25 Feb […]

The Avatar comes yet once again to rekindle the torch of Love and Truth

“Age after age, when the wick of Righteousness burns low, the Avatar comes yet once again to […]

In Avataric periods, God mingles with each and everything that is in creation

It is very difficult to grasp the entire meaning of the word ‘Avatar.’ For mankind, it is easy and simple […]

“I keep silent”

When an Avatar has to manifest, for some period before His manifestation He either fasts, keeps silent, or adopts some inner discipline for the […]

The true understanding of love

“The true understanding of love is in the growth of consciousness of many of its various aspects as they open out to tender loving […]

Because of our bindings

Just think of it: God is within all, in everyone, and he is infinite. God is all powerful, God is all bliss. And yet, […]

The eclipse is purely an astronomical phenomenon

Question: The astronomical phenomena, the eclipse of the moon or the sun, visibly stir the Hindu world into great religious activity. Why is such […]