Because of our bindings

Just think of it: God is within all, in everyone, and he is infinite. God is all powerful, God is all bliss. And yet, though God is in each one, how helpless we feel. We weep, we feel pain, we feel sorrow, although God, who is so infinitely powerful and blissful, is there. Why? It is because of our own bindings. But there is one way to get Liberated from these bindings, and that is through love…

If you can love me, love God, your love will make you know me. If you can make others happy through your love without seeking your own happiness, you can free yourself from this bondage. You can then find me as I really am. No sooner do you get that experience, than you feel Liberated and experience infinite bliss.

Awakener magazine, 4:3, p38-41

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