The Path of Truth is Not a Bed of Roses – Part-1

[ The Combined Diary” devotes almost eleven pages to this day and the great drama that played itself out with respect to […]

On Union or Vasl

In that State of states, one comes to realize that this that you see is all nothing. It is all one everlasting and eternal […]

Yogic Powers and Union – Part 2 of 2

Take another analogy. Just as a juggler or mesmerizer seems to change a piece of cardboard into a bottle right before your […]

Yogic Powers and Union – Part 1 of 2

The powers that the yogis use derive from the unlimited source of electricity in the air, which comprises the third layer inside. […]

Leave Your Desires and Lie Quiet – Part-2 of 2

But then the question arises: how are the people to be fed if they do as Hafez advises, leaving everything and lying idle (svastha […]

Leave Your Desires and Lie Quiet – Part-1 of 2

Leave the world and its connection, and abide in the company of Sages. Lie quiet (sthir padavu)! Do not think either about […]

Types of Conviction

As we noted earlier, all faith is based on intellect, and there can be no faith without intellectual conviction. Let’s review again […]

Belief in God

To believe in God and to say that He is—that God exists—does not constitute fraud or hypocrisy. But to assume and to assert “I […]

The Powers That Yogis Use – Part 2 of 2

By contrast, a Sadguru need not exert his energies by breathing and checking, in the manner of yogis; he simply thinks his […]

The Powers That Yogis Use – Part 1 of 2

Shri Ramakrishna was realized, and his many followers accepted and believed him as such—as God personified, even though these followers of his had no […]