Leave Your Desires and Lie Quiet – Part-1 of 2

Leave the world and its connection, and abide in the company of Sages.
Lie quiet (sthir padavu)!
Do not think either about the world or about God. Then alone will
you be able to see (and realize) Him. — Hafez

But who really wants to do this? Worldly people are too much engrossed in worldly Maya, one way or another, to cut its connection finally and absolutely, even for the sake of seeing God Himself! To them, worldly attachment ranks far and away as the first priority; all else, even a darshan or visit with God, comes as an after-consideration.

Take the example of soldiers who prefer going to war and risking their lives all for the meager return of satisfying their desire for worldly goods—ample meals twice a day and clothing. These same soldiers would not fast for even two days together with God-realization itself in prospect! To them as to other worldly people, filling the stomach (pet-puja) twice or thrice a day is everything. Without that they cannot live. They will brave death and risk their lives all for a bare life subsistence, but they won’t give even a thought to spiritual advancement or future salvation. First of all the daily two or three meals have to be eaten; talk of other things comes afterwards.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p353
28-November-1926; Lonavala

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