Types of Conviction

As we noted earlier, all faith is based on intellect, and there can be no faith without intellectual conviction. Let’s review again the layers that comprise the individual person: (1) Atma, (2) mind, (3) sanskaras, (4) mental body, (5) subtle body, and (6) gross body. As we said earlier,

Jivatma in sound sleep and unconscious of its existence is God.
Jivatma in sound sleep but conscious of its existence is Sadguru.
Jivatma awake (in meditation) but conscious of its existence is yogi.

Now suppose that A is a man conscious of the mental body and B is a man conscious of the subtle or gross body. A could then give B conviction of his (A’s) superiority through the mind and his developed mental facilities.

The intellectual convictions that I impart to the world will be transmitted in this very way, that is, from One who is superior, from One who understands, to men who are inferior and who do not understand. In addition, these intellectual convictions will be accompanied by proofs.

Darwin, when he propounded the theory of evolution, based his intellectual convictions merely on science, scientific research, scientific knowledge. He never thought or even dreamt that God’s hand might be involved in the process!

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p341
28-November-1926; Lonavala


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