Leave Your Desires and Lie Quiet – Part-2 of 2

But then the question arises: how are the people to be fed if they do as Hafez advises, leaving everything and lying idle (svastha pati rahe) and inactive? The answer to this question involves questioning the question itself: why should everyone among the people necessarily eat at all? Let the body suffer and drop, or let it be destroyed; and then take another body in rebirth. Repeat this process again and again, but do not forsake that state, that staunch attitude. Keep quiet without any thought of God or consideration of the world, and rest assured that God will come to you. God is so frail (nakhrabaj) and soft-hearted, like a woman, that, even though He doesn’t care about or listen to your suffering and entreaties at first, when He marks your firm determination to see Him despite hard trials, in the end He is sure to descend and come to you, and then your desires will be fulfilled. But this requires real courage, a staunch preparedness, a strong heart prepared to give up all material things—nay, actually to burn them to ashes!

What I have been describing constitutes one of the best paths. Otherwise, remaining connected and entangled one way or another with these worldly affairs leads you nowhere but only leaves you where you already are.

Hence it is that the great Avatars such as Jesus have said, “Sell all and follow me!

Hafez plays the same tune when he says, “So try, as best you can, to remain aloof from this material Maya. Drive it away !”

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p353
28-November-1926; Lonavala

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