The New Life: Daulat Singh shares Baba’s New Life all alone (Part-2 of 2)

In 1949, Baba had sent Dr. Daulat Singh home to Bangalore from Belgaum with certain instructions. Accordingly, he was to live only on food […]

The New Life: Daulat Singh shares Baba’s New Life all alone (Part-1 of 2)

Soon afterwards, Daulat Singh asked Baba if he could take two month’s leave.

He wished to settle some family matters at Bangalore. Baba gave […]

The New Life: An analogy of constructing a building for explaining the New Life

In the course of discussing the idea, Baba clarified the following points with an analogy of constructing a building:

The New Life — which […]

The New Life: “Absolute and perfect renunciation”

Hopelessness means renunciation of all hopes.

Aimlessness means renunciation of all aims.

Helplessness means renunciation of all help.

No […]

The New Life: On the quality of readiness to carry out Baba’s orders instantaneously

Finding Baba in a conversational mood, Eruch, Adi, Nilu and Ghani induced him to explain more about the New Life, resulting in the […]

The New Life: The song of the New Life

By late October 1949, Dr. Ghani had composed the New Life Song in Hindi, and after some corrections by Baba, Baba asked him to […]

The New Life: Belgaum – The Training period of physical labor

Carrying a basket of onions and tomatoes on his head on Sunday, October 23, Baba walked from the women’s residence to the men’s hut. […]

The New Life: Caring for the voice of the heart and be deaf to the promptings of the mind

It is not merely a question of hardships and difficulties like those encountered in mast trips. The most difficult thing now is the need […]

The New Life: The need to control emotions and feelings

“The most important point to remember in all circumstances is to remain cheerful and happy. Spells of despondency, annoyance and disgust will assail you, […]

The New Life: Mistakes – small vs. big

At Sirur, pointing out the difference between small and large mistakes, Baba explained:

“Small mistakes relate to a breach of individual duties and personal […]