The New Life: Belgaum – The Training period of physical labor

Carrying a basket of onions and tomatoes on his head on Sunday, October 23, Baba walked from the women’s residence to the men’s hut. The companions were overcome with emotion at seeing Baba do such menial work. He would also sweep the floors and clean pots, and it was quite an object lesson for them. (LM, p2793)

During one occasion, Gustadji became upset about something and, in a huff, refused to sweep the men’s quarters. Baba harshly criticized him, warning him, as well as the others, that disobedience in any respect would not be tolerated. He stated in no uncertain terms, “The least hesitation in carrying out orders will amount to violating the oath and breaking the conditions governing the New Life.

“No one should say ‘No,’ however impossible and meaningless an order may sound. Complete and unflinching obedience is expected; in all other respects, all are equals like brothers, and perfectly free.” (LM, p2794)

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