The New Life: Daulat Singh shares Baba’s New Life all alone (Part-1 of 2)

Soon afterwards, Daulat Singh asked Baba if he could take two month’s leave.

He wished to settle some family matters at Bangalore. Baba gave him a pitying look and replied, “You still aren’t familiar with the New Life conditions? I forgive you and give you until evening to reconsider.”

That evening, though still worried and confused, Daulat Singh said to Baba, “I only want to stay with you.”

Baba advised, “Forget your worries; keep a merry mood and carry out your duty with all your heart.”

At night, Daulat Singh’s mind was in turmoil and he kept worrying, asking the other companions if he had committed a mistake.

He did not know how to clean pots, but still he was trying, and while doing so would soil his clothes. His love for Baba was exemplary. Having lost his medical practice and everything he owned during Partition, he had left his entire family behind in difficult circumstances to join the New Life.

Baba sent Eruch to check on him at night. Eruch found him weeping and asked what was the matter. “I am wondering if I have displeased Baba,” Daulat Singh replied.

Again, as desired by Baba, Eruch asked, “Baba wants to know if there are obstacles facing your family.”

According to the New Life conditions nothing was to be kept secret, nor could a lie be spoken. Therefore, Daulat Singh admitted, “Baba knows about my family’s plight, so I do not worry about it. But I settled my daughter’s marriage just before leaving, and I was wondering what will happen in my absence. Now I do not even think about that. I simply do not wish to displease Baba in any way. I will follow the New Life conditions fully.”

Eruch reported this to Baba, who did not comment.

Turning to Daulat Singh, Baba concluded, “Up to now I have given you advice, taking into consideration your family circumstances and your oath to return home within two months, in order to help you reach a decision. I shall decide your case tonight in conformity with my oath, your oath and the conditions of the New Life. Tomorrow morning my decision will be my order for you, which you must obey 100 percent. Now, don’t worry and sleep peacefully.”

Coming to the men’s quarters the next morning, the first thing Baba did was ask about the schedule of trains going to Bangalore. Vishnu said there was one leaving at 9:00 A.M. Calling Daulat Singh, in the presence of all the companions, Baba stated:

Listen carefully, my friend. I have now decided for you to go back to your old life. I am sending you without any fault on your part, and without your having failed me in the least. Those whom I of my own accord send back to the Old Life without any fault are not concerned with the categories of Yeswalas and Nowalas.

If you obey and follow 100 percent certain orders that I will now give you, you will be sharing my New Life 100 percent. Two points will be ever binding upon you: First, responsibility for anything that happens to you will lie with you and you alone before God. Second, no material or spiritual benefit should be expected of me. But, as I am sending you of my own free will, your spiritual connection with me remains as before, if I am what you take me to be.

The special orders for you are:

1) Until you die, commit no lustful action, even with your wife.

2) Never lie, whatever the consequences.

3) For one month every year, wear the kafni [long robe] that I will give you, and during this month live on food gotten by begging. The time and place of begging you can decide for yourself.

If these three orders are obeyed by you 100 percent, you will be sharing my New Life 100 percent.

Now today, I want to disclose to you all how I have provided for those whom I have left behind, and also for the Nowalas like Padri. I have kept with Meherjee Rs.1,000 for each of them, as well as for my companions in case I die, and for those whom I send back without any fault. So, today I will give you [Daulat Singh] a note with my signature. Go to Bangalore first, and thence as soon as possible to Bombay in order to receive Rs.1,000 from Meherjee, after showing him the letter. You can use this amount toward your family expenses. After that, you will have no material connection with me.

On receiving the letter of authorization, Daulat Singh departed with a heavy heart, but he actually did live the New Life, though away from Baba. By keeping Daulat Singh with his family, Baba made him prove true to his oath., p2796-90
October, 1949; Belgaum





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