The New Life: On the quality of readiness to carry out Baba’s orders instantaneously

Finding Baba in a conversational mood, Eruch, Adi, Nilu and Ghani induced him to explain more about the New Life, resulting in the following dialogue of questions and answers:

One of the men asked, “The will to do and fulfill the conditions wholeheartedly is with us all. No one can deny this, but we would like to know what constitutes 100 percent fulfillment of conditions in your eyes.”

“There are four chief points to be attended to in the conditions,” Baba replied. “Not to touch money; not to touch women; to carry out all orders — good, bad, extraordinary — instantaneously, without the least hesitation; and to remain cheerful under the most trying circumstances.

“The first two conditions regarding money and women, you will not have many occasions to be troubled with, since I shall be with you most of the time.

The next two conditions with regard to carrying out of my orders and keeping a cheerful mood are very important and form the basis of the New Life. If you follow these conditions 100 percent, then no power — not even God — can make you leave me.”

Another asked Baba, “We are ready to observe the conditions 100 percent. But what is to be our fate if the order given happens to be impossible to carry out?”

In reply, Baba dictated, “Even if the order given by me is physically impossible of being carried out, you have to prepare yourself immediately to tackle it. The result, if unsuccessful, you have not to bother about. For instance, if I order you to tie a camel leg and foot and carry it to the roof of a building, you should begin to attempt the feat instantaneously, without thinking about the possibility or impossibility of it.

“This [example about carrying a camel] is just to explain the nature of the order and the quality of readiness to carry it out instantaneously. Do not take the explanation literally., p2815
October, 1949; Belgaum

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