“If you want to be free, free you are!” – Part 2 of 2



You own so many things, and you feel you want to get rid of them and be free. If you really want […]

“If you want to be free, free you are!” – Part 1/2

On Sunday, 11 January 1959, a Christian, who wished to “lead a perfect life of love and service in accordance with the teachings of […]

In proportion to their love, service, faith and honesty

On 21 May, according to his wish, Eruch read out the names of the departed ones as […]

Turn toward God to escape maya



“When you turn your face toward the sun [God], your shadow [maya] lies behind you, and although still existent, […]

Make love the highest ideal in life



Two young women were brought on the 25th as possible “spiritual aspirant” candidates to travel with Baba. Baba gave them this […]

“It will result in benefit to the whole world”


[On this day in 1952 Avatar Meher Baba met with an automobile accident that resulted in spilling HIS blood in America]


“Cross life’s seas to my safe harbor”



The Hindu Women’s Rescue Home of Poona, which Baba had visited in June, requested a message from Baba on the occasion […]

At the height of faith



“The moment the intensity of your faith in my will reaches its height, you say goodbye to worry forever. Then all that […]

“The way of Oneness is the way to happiness”

Duality signifies separateness. Separateness implies fear. Fear causes worry.

The way of Oneness is the way to happiness; […]

The Present



“Past and Future exist only because of the Present in which they are both embodied. In the eternal Past, every second existed […]