The most exalted spiritual experience is that of Oneness, and the most exalted spiritual status is that of the One who manifests unity in […]

The greatest law of God is Love

Of all the forces that can best overcome all difficulties, the greatest is the force of love, because the greatest […]

“The way of Oneness is the way to happiness”

Duality signifies separateness. Separateness implies fear. Fear causes worry.

The way of Oneness is the way to happiness; […]

The whole of humanity will feel oneness in the love of God


Over the next 100 years the people of all religions will be awakened in the love of God through the universal work of […]

It is impossible to become what you already are!


On 31 August, Baba dictated two more discourses, the first on “The Lover and the Beloved”

God is love. And Love must love. […]

Avatar’s Call – Part 2

Baba giving Darshan to Wadia Part

Age after age, history repeats itself when men and women, in their ignorance, limitations and pride, […]

Even those unwilling to come to him were drawn by his infinite mercy


Kishan Singh and Prakashwati were staying in the same bungalow, and on occasions Baba would see Prakashwati. Later that day, Baba suddenly asked […]