The whole of humanity will feel oneness in the love of God


Over the next 100 years the people of all religions will be awakened in the love of God through the universal work of Avatar Meher Baba, and all religions will come together like beads on one string. He is the same Ancient One who comes age after age, and he always comes to awaken humanity to the path of Truth. He came as Zarathustra the Prophet to the Persians, as King Ram and Lord Krishna to the races of India, as Gotama the Buddha to Hindus of India, as Jesus the Christ to the Hebrews and Romans, and as Mohammed the Prophet to the Arab tribes. During this cycle he is Meher Baba, the Compassionate Father of humanity, and as this is the last cycle, his is the greatest mission, for it is toward all the races of the world.

Meher Baba’s universal work will sum up all his previous Avataric advents and will culminate during this Avataric period. The people of each religion of the world will recognize him as the same Ancient One, who appeared in the form of Zarathustra, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.

Meher Baba has brought to a culminating point all the universal work completed in past Avataric periods of this cycle. He has done more work in this cycle, hence his manifestation will be the greatest in this cycle of cycles. Meher Baba is the last Avatar of this cycle and he has worked for each and every human being to bring them to a deeper, inner level of consciousness thus they can intuitively experience oneness with God. The culminating point of his universal work will be when mankind feels its oneness with God. This culminating point will mark his greatest manifestation on earth.

The whole of humanity will feel oneness in the love of God. Jealousy, hatred, greed, selfishness, pride, lust and anger will be wiped out significantly through the force of his love released during his manifestation. Only when this love is experienced will humanity be freed from its own prisons of religion to feel and enjoy oneness in the love of God.

-Bhau Kalchuri

-Avatar Meher Baba Manifesting, Bhau Kalchuri, p156

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