“If you want to be free, free you are!” – Part 2 of 2



You own so many things, and you feel you want to get rid of them and be free. If you really want to get rid of them, you can do so in an instant, for who binds you? It is your own self not really wanting to do so! If you want to be free, free you are; but you do not really want to be free, and therefore you continue to feel yourself bound. You want to lead a perfect life of love and service. When you really have that want, you will not need to worry how to lead the life — you will live it.

Jesus wanted all his followers to want what they really ought to have wanted from the innermost core of their hearts, but none, including the twelve apostles, could really want the real want. It is very difficult, so very difficult, but not impossible. Very rarely, one among a million can establish the real want. Only a man of God [Mard-e-Khuda] can dare want what one ought to want.

What you must long for is the real want, and this real want alone must be your perennial want. Once this is established, a time comes when you are freed even from this singular want and attain the Freedom that is not bound by [any form of] freedom.

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Jan, 1959; Guruprasad, Poona

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