“Cross life’s seas to my safe harbor”



The Hindu Women’s Rescue Home of Poona, which Baba had visited in June, requested a message from Baba on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee. On 8 December 1960, Baba dictated this poem for them:

If from now till I depart
You love me with a single heart,
All stains will be washed away,
Your soul will be as bright as day.

 World is loss and God is gain;
World draws soul again, again.
Pay world’s debt with loving labor —
Cross life’s seas to my safe harbor.
-www.lordmeher.org, p4734
Dec, 1960; Meherazad
“Whatever little love you have for Me, if you hold on to it wholeheartedly and honestly, you will naturally be holding on to the daaman of the Greatest of the Great and the Highest of the High.”
(Glimpses of the God-Man Vol 6 p238-9)
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