Needs vs. wants

Someone asked, “How can we differentiate between needs and wants? Some claim, ‘I need all I want.’ What is the difference?”

Baba […]

The Dynamism of Love

True love is very different from an evanescent outburst of indulgent emotionalism or the enervating stupor of a slumbering heart. It can […]

When faced with love for God

At this time [April 1952] we were vegetarians, eating an egg occasionally. Rice and dal had been our staple foods in India, along with […]

Feel that Baba is the doer

In the Beyond State of God, the Original Whim made Me sing, “Who am I?” and all Creation sprang up. And now I have […]

Simple and practical guiding principle

Meher Baba says in effect, “Be patient. I shall take you blindfolded, and I shall give you the inner strength to withstand the ups […]

A widening of interest, not a cutting down

With Baba there was frequent change, never routine for long. He wanted one to be fluid and adaptable, to accept the easy and […]

Heart, mind, sanskaras, and body – Part 2

God is your innermost Self. That means that behind this limited body you have within you energy […]

Heart, mind, sanskaras, and body – Part 1

[Baba gave the following points to the westerners during the Three Incredible Weeks]

Jesus and his inner circle […]

The purpose of prayer is to keep ones heart clean

Once while talking with Kumar, Baidul got enraged over something Kumar said and openly expressed his anger. Baba intervened and scolded Baidul, […]