Feel that Baba is the doer

In the Beyond State of God, the Original Whim made Me sing, “Who am I?” and all Creation sprang up. And now I have to bear the burden of the entire Creation!

One who experiences Union with Reality or God and also comes down to normal human consciousness simultaneously experiences Himself on all planes of consciousness. At present you see Me sitting before you, but I am simultaneously with all, on the different levels and planes of consciousness. Those who are on the higher planes see Me on their levels.

However, all that you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell is illusion within illusion. And this illusion has such a hold on you all that it is extremely hard for anyone to escape it. In fact, each one of you has Infinite Sat-Chit-Anand [Power, Knowledge, and Bliss] within you, but everyone feels helpless and dissatisfied. How to wipe out this ignorance?

Try to follow this figure: suppose I appear to you in your dream and say to you, “My dear, all that you are seeing and hearing is just a dream.” But in your dream state you will not believe what I say. Even now, while sitting before Me, you are still dreaming a dream. In this awake-dream state whatever you do, including tap-jap [an austerity or the repetition of any divine name] will bind you.

Then how do you get out of this Illusion? There is a remedy: it is to surrender yourself to Me, the Reality. The antidote is: whatever you think or do, feel that you are not the doer — it is Baba as the in-dweller who is getting it done through you. While feeling this, you have to be natural, very natural. Don’t pose. No one should pretend to be what he is not. When I tell you to be natural and honest, I have to be honest too. So, with infinite honesty, I tell you, “I am God in human form.”

…You, as the lower self, are the curtain over your real Self. So what is the way out of this labyrinth, this quagmire? The most simple yet natural way is to try your best to surrender to Me and to love Me. I am the only Reality.

-Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol VI, Bal Natu, pp. 30-32

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