Baba’s forgiveness loosens our bindings of duality

When Baba completed the arrangements for the fast, a gentle-faced man, perhaps fifty years old, rose from among the group and asked permission to […]

Purging and burning up of the dross

Delia with Baba in 1952, USA

So we all had a trying time in various ways. Baba was working on us all and for […]

The life of the spirit is unified

Kitty Davy holding umbrella, Meherabad, possibly 1938

From the kitchen Baba would go to the garden where the plants were being watered or seeds […]

“It is a great penance and austerity to wait for me”

As mentioned, during the stay in Ahmednagar in 1948, Baba would visit Meherabad occasionally, and also go to the Family Quarters near Arangaon to […]

The Sadgurus are for the sake of giving

The river and its waters are for the use of the people, and for this very purpose—to serve the needs of the […]

What is grace?

What is grace? Suppose one becomes one hundred percent prepared and then realizes himself as God; that is not grace. If the worst sinner […]

The Voice of Conscience and Firmness of Mind

“Your mind must be as firm as a rock that resists strong blasts of wind from all sides […]

An absolute turnover

Recently the Beloved has been telling us not so much of the close-at-hand breaking of His Silence, but of the monumental change that will […]

The Language of the Heart

God does not listen to the language of the tongue, or of the mind, but He responds to the language of the […]

Baba’s message to children – How to find Him

[Continued from previous message]

Now if you ask Me how it is that I stay always with you but you never see Me, I […]