Purging and burning up of the dross

Delia with Baba in 1952, USA

So we all had a trying time in various ways. Baba was working on us all and for us all, knowing just what each one needed for his or her development.

We were all in a curiously exhausted state. It was as if one had lived through a lifetime in this short period. We soon learned that this is a usual experience among Baba’s disciples, for it is in the emptied state that Baba can best work on the subconscious.

Usually, after this emptying process, a renewed vitality is felt as if a purging and burning up of the dross has taken place. In psychological terms, it is called catharsis and often brings the patient back to health and normality. It is in this “let go” state that one is more receptive to the love and truth the master wishes to give.

The Ocean of Love, p29, Delia DeLeon

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