Baba’s message to children – How to find Him

[Continued from previous message]

Now if you ask Me how it is that I stay always with you but you never see Me, I would say that I like to play games very much, and most of all I like to play hide-and-seek. In this game I am Ustad (Master) because I hide and see everything. In order to see and find Me, you will have to search for Me. Look for Me, seek Me and try to find Me. Seek Me, find Me, defeat Me in this game, and you win!

But where will you look for Me? I am hiding in your heart, so search for Me in your heart. How will you search for Me? Always remember Me, call Me, make Me your dear friend. Because I am your friend I will respond to your call immediately.

Whenever people call Me I listen, but not so much as I do to children. Grown-up persons call Me a lot, they cry and they weep, but at times I remain as if I’m deaf. But if children call Me softly, I listen immediately to their sweet voices. My ears are very sharp to their call. Why is this so? Because I am so close to you and with you. That is why you should remember Me more and more.

If you remember Me I will be happy. If you lie I will be unhappy, so always try to keep Me happy by speaking the truth.

Now tell Me whether you will make Me your friend. If you do I will reward you with a reward such as you have never received before. And the name of My reward is LOVE.

Always ask Me for this reward, but remember it is expensive. You will ask for more and more and once you have it you won’t be able to be without it. Children, your Baba has an endless store of this reward, and when you ask for it more and more, Baba will give it to you.

-Letters from the Mandali Vol2, pp151-152, ed. Jim Mistry

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