Baba’s message to children – Make me your friend

Baba’s message to children – Make me your friend

I was very happy to receive your love-filled letter in your sweet language. I love all of you. I love children. Do you know why? Because your Baba is also a child. You are innocent and so am I. My very name is Bholanath, one of the names of Shankar, the prince of innocence. Just as your heart is soft so is Mine. You like to play games and so do I.

Now tell me whether or not I am a child. I am old, I am young, I am a woman, I am a man, I am a mother, I am father — and I am everything. But I am more like a child. That is why you should make Me your friend. But remember this: Always keep this Friend with you. Don’t forget. When you eat, remember your Friend; when you play, remember Him. When you study, that time too first remember your Friend, and then study. When you sleep, remember Me and then sleep.

All of you say that when you call Me, I never listen. It is not true; Baba is such a friend that even for a moment He is never away from you. When you remember Me I know, because I am with you all the time. When you play, I am also playing with you. When you go to school, I am also in school with you. I never leave you, but you are never aware of it. When you tell the truth — I know it; when you tell a lie — that I also know. I know everything. So listen to Me, My friends, never tell a lie, live honestly; if you don’t do this your Friend will be unhappy.

-Letters from the Mandali Vol2, pp151-152, ed. Jim Mistry

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