“It is a great penance and austerity to wait for me”

As mentioned, during the stay in Ahmednagar in 1948, Baba would visit Meherabad occasionally, and also go to the Family Quarters near Arangaon to see those close ones residing there. There were four families staying at the Family Quarters: Savak Kotwal’s, Chhagan’s, Sidhu’s and Jangle’s. Whenever Baba returned from a tour, these families would sweep and clean the compound and keep everything in order, waiting for him. On this occasion, when Baba visited them after his tour to the Himalayas, Nergiz Kotwal remarked, “Baba, so long we have been waiting for you.

We daily clean the house and compound in anticipation of your arrival.”

“It is your good luck to wait for me,” Baba remarked. “Who is so fortunate to wait like that? It is a great penance and austerity to wait for me until I come.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p2649
May, 1948; Ahmedbagar


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