The Sadgurus are for the sake of giving


The river and its waters are for the use of the people, and for this very purpose—to serve the needs of the people—does the river flow. Whosoever needs water may freely bring vessels large and small, fill them, and fetch the water back home again for varied uses.

In the same way, just like the river, the Sadgurus (or Avatars) have come down to this world for duty and have established their seats here in order to give (in pure charity) from the vast and inexhaustible bounty of unbounded Knowledge, and Experience that they are Masters of. Whosoever needs and desires to partake of these Treasures beyond price and valuation that are in their keeping, such a one may bring his vessel (that is, come in person to these Sadgurus) and fill it from the huge stores of Real Knowledge, Unbounded Bliss, and blessings that they possess, each seeker according to his own requirements and personal deserving. This—the giving out from their Real Knowledge and Experience—is the work of these Perfect Ones, and for this very duty have they assumed this human form and come down to this world, sacrificing thereby the great pleasures of Paramanand proper to their real Paramatma state.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p50
30-May-1926; Meherabad

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