“Be like a football, which never cries out or complains when kicked”

During this time at Meherabad, Pendu was working as a nurse and supervisor in the hospital, and Padri was dispensing the medicines for the […]

“Grace is an act of unbounded spontaneity”


…Consciousness of the Nothing is the Vacuum State. Consciousness of Everything is the God State. But this needs my grace.

One of the […]

How the Avatar knows everything

As Dedolchow and Amiya Das were leaving, Baba remarked to Harry, “I know everything. Do you know how I know everything?”

Harry said he […]

“Search within your heart for that which is true and lasting”


During the darshan, a Dutch woman, married to an Indian editor and living in South Africa, came to meet Baba. She was […]

The Path is “I want nothing”

The reporters were then introduced to Baba individually. At the end of their ten-minute audience, one of them asked, “Meher Baba, what is […]

“Our very life should be such as to be God’s message of Truth in the world”

On Tuesday, 13 January 1959, Baba met a group of newspaper reporters. He stated: “I am happy […]

Wants, desires, thoughts leave no room for God

One Persian couplet states the following:

God the Beloved says to the lover: Vacate your abode of its millions of strangers;

Then […]

NEWS: Invitation to the 30th Anniversary function of Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad Center, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Dear All,

Jai Baba!

We are very happy to invite you for the 30th anniversary of the Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad Center, Jubilee Hills […]

Maya: Maya can only be transcended when the aspirant realizes that Maya is God’s shadow

[Concluding post on ‘Maya’]

The principle of ignorance, meaning Maya, can only be transcended when the spiritual aspirant is able to realize that Maya […]

Maya: “All false values and false beliefs are due to the grip of Maya”

[Continued from previous post]

If we stretch the above simile further and imagine that a miracle happens by which the unenlightened man […]