Maya: Maya can only be transcended when the aspirant realizes that Maya is God’s shadow


[Concluding post on ‘Maya’]

The principle of ignorance, meaning Maya, can only be transcended when the spiritual aspirant is able to realize that Maya is God’s shadow and as such is nothing. The enigma of Maya solves itself only after Self-Realization.

All the great philosophers who are not bound by their materialistic prejudices had glimpses of Reality, and have recognized the principle of ignorance as being responsible for making all illusory and transient things appear as lasting and real. Scientists naturally have difficulty in accepting mystical conclusions relating to the transitory world and cosmos, since metaphysical perceptions cannot be reached by methods acceptable to the experimental rules of science.

The main difficulty in grasping such a concept in its totality is that it would necessitate a full knowledge of the cosmic scheme. It is not possible even for a Master to explain that which is beyond the limits of the human mind! A Master can only make one realize it by means of his grace and by bestowing enlightenment.

-Lord Meher [First Ed.], p5196

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