Maya: “All false values and false beliefs are due to the grip of Maya”


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If we stretch the above simile further and imagine that a miracle happens by which the unenlightened man begins to have one after another the faculties of smell, hearing, sight and taste, we can have some idea of how man’s consciousness begins to be transported through the different [subtle and mental] planes of the path toward God-Consciousness. The man then begins to realize that all the differences amount simply to a difference in his own state of consciousness, which experiences inner truths more and more as it is freed increasingly from external illusions.

The force that keeps a man spiritually blind, deaf, dumb, et cetera, is his own ignorance which is governed by the principle of cosmic ignorance generally known as Maya.

To understand Maya is to understand half  the universe. All false values and false beliefs are due to the grip of Maya. Intellect in particular plays into the hands of Maya, for intellect is not capable of that consciousness which realizes that God is Truth. Truth can only be known after one transcends the cosmic illusion which appears as real owing to Maya.

-Lord Meher [First Ed.], p5196

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