Maya : The apparent endless differences in the experiences are due to the varying degrees of consciousness


The following is the discourse on Maya that Baba dictated by hand signs for Irene Conybeare’s book, In Quest Of Truth:

Everything, from the least significant to the most momentous, is here within us. The spiritual planes with their indescribably divine splendor, and the gross plane of immeasurable space, together with its innumerable gross universes, are all within us. That is because God is in us and we are in God. God is indivisibly, uncompromisingly, infinitely and eternally One in His impeccable oneness.

The apparent endless differences in the experiences of animate and inanimate beings and things are due to the varying degrees of consciousness on the different planes, and the ability and inability to apply that consciousness adequately. Achievement of full human-consciousness is a great spiritual achievement. Greater still is to be able to recognize illusion and face all illusory things. The greatest achievement of man is to become God-Conscious, which is truly Self-Conscious or Soul-Conscious.

For example, let us presume that the differences between a spiritually enlightened and an unenlightened man is as the difference between a man who has normal sensory faculties of seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting, and another man who is born blind and deaf and without even the faculties of smell and taste. Now, if the two men happen to be present at one and the same time in a garden full of colors, singing birds, streams and fountains, where delicious fruits and fragrant flowers are equally available to both the men, there is bound to be a world of difference between the scope, nature and capacity of their consciousness, awareness and experience. For the enlightened man, the world would be experienced as one full of music, full of light and full of beauty. For the unenlightened or blind and deaf man, the same world would be merely a black monotonous nothingness.

-Lord Meher [First Ed.], p5196

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