How the Avatar knows everything


As Dedolchow and Amiya Das were leaving, Baba remarked to Harry, “I know everything. Do you know how I know everything?”

Harry said he did not. Explaining, Baba said:

The nature of the infinitely complicated phenomenon — the universe — is infinitely simple. But to know and understand this is infinitely difficult. When you know what Universal Mind, Universal Energy and Universal Body are, and what their relation is to individual mind, individual energy and individual body, you will understand how the Perfect Master knows everything.

If we compare the individual mind to a radio station, those having radios can hear everything broadcast by the radio station if they are tuned to the correct frequency. In this instance, the Perfect Master is the radio set that is connected to every individual broadcasting station and consequently hears everything that is broadcast.

In my Universal Body are contained the bodies of all the innumerable beings and things in creation. In the same way, the subtle body (energy) and the mental body (mind) of each and every individual is also a part of my Universal Energy and Universal Mind respectively.

Infinite distance between a drop here and a drop there in the same ocean makes no difference whatsoever to the drop’s relationship with the ocean. Any drop anywhere within the ocean is but within the entirety and homogeneity of the ocean.

What one individual (drop) mind thinks in the ocean of Universal Mind is not known to another individual mind, but the Universal Mind knows it immediately, as drop-minds are in the Universal Mind and an inseparable part thereof.

This all-comprehensive Knowledge is obtained in a flash. But to know everything in a flash takes an eternity in the illusion of time while you gradually die to your self. This dying to your self means completely losing yourself in God to find yourself as God.

This dying to your false self is no easy task; raising a corpse to life is child’s play compared to it. But once the “impossible” is achieved, there remains nothing else that is impossible., p4643
Mar, 1960; Guruprasad

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