Baba loves everybody no matter how terrible they are

Bili Eaton had come from New York for the sahavas. She was feeling full of guilt the entire time, as she had fallen in […]

The real lover never poses

Several Brahmin devotees were among those who came for Baba’s darshan on the 27th. One named Subramanium had painted long sectarian marks on his […]

States of consciousness – Part 5 (Final)

Now let us look at the diagram. There are seven planes, seven manzils, innumerable muqams in six planes, one muqam in the gross sphere, […]

States of consciousness – Part 4

If the soul does not then succumb to the use of its infinite energy for selfish ends, it reaches the fifth plane and the […]

States of consciousness – Part 3

… Until we arrive at Reality, and know that all this is tamasha – farce. Lovers of God do not care for this tamasha. […]

States of consciousness – Part 2

So in the subtle plane, in the first manzil, the soul sees wonderful things and becomes enchanted; it loses its gross consciousness and it […]

States of consciousness – Part 1

“You asked about the seven planes,” Baba stated to Malcolm Schloss. “Planes mean what?”

Malcolm answered, “States of consciousness.”

Baba explained at length:

This […]

The temporary effect is illusion – Part 2 (Final)


When one has experience of eternity, one knows that God is. To say that God was, is, and will be, is wrong. All […]

The temporary effect is illusion – Part 1

Baba went on to give advice and orders:

I sometimes seem to be speaking at random, but I am really working elsewhere.

When […]

Spiritual significance of games – atya-patya

The game atya-patya is played in a large rectangular field with many parallel horizontal lines and one bisecting vertical line. Once, when the […]