States of consciousness – Part 3

… Until we arrive at Reality, and know that all this is tamasha – farce. Lovers of God do not care for this tamasha. Yogis of the first manzil of the subtle plane can stop their pulses or live underground, or raise their gross bodies in the air, or even live for five hundred years; but it is all illusion and farce. The seventh manzil is called maksood, the goal, where the soul is free from illusion and becomes one with God. I will make it clear, when we come to the seventh manzil, that all is within you – all manzils, all muqams are within you. When you walk outside this room you see the surrounding country. Why? because you have projected it out of yourselves. Being in God you are the producers of all phenomena, and you get entangled in the phenomena. Bedil says: “We produce everything and become the slaves of that of which we are the masters.”

When we breathe, we do not pay attention to breathing; it is automatic, as in sound sleep. Breathing is our constant companion, but we do not pay attention to it. As when we put on pajamas and go to sleep without paying attention to the clothes, and in the morning take off the pajamas and put on our daytime clothes without paying attention to them, except for a moment or two, so I am with you all the time, but you do not pay attention. How to pay attention, I may explain another time. You cannot feel me because I am there all the time; I will show you how to feel me all the time.

… The fourth plane of consciousness is known as the junction between the subtle and the mental planes. It is also called Asthana, meaning the “Threshold.” Here there is no manzil, no muqam. It is the junction where the infinite energy, the desires, emotions and feelings of the mental plane are the direct influence. The soul is now neither of the subtle nor of the mental plane, but all the powers of the subtle and all the influences of the mental plane are continually with it. There is no manzil. The soul is now so overpowered by desires and by its ability to satisfy its desires that it is in danger of falling from the spiritual heights to the lowest depths. It can now do anything, raise the dead, create new forms, do anything it wants. Desires influence it with all their force; it is in great danger. The details are in God Speaks.
Date: 19 September 1954  (“The Three Incredible Weeks”)

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4467

(, Revised 2014, p3587)

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