States of consciousness – Part 4

If the soul does not then succumb to the use of its infinite energy for selfish ends, it reaches the fifth plane and the fifth manzil. As I said, in the gross world there is the first manzil with its innumerable muqams. In the first plane of the subtle are the second manzil and its muqams; in the second plane of the subtle, the third manzil and its muqams; in the fourth plane no manzil and no muqam.

In the fifth plane, which is in the mental sphere, there are the fifth manzil and its muqams. What happens in this fifth state? The soul is now working directly from the mental plane. Is this clear? The soul is master of the mind: the entire mental plane is governed by it. It knows the thoughts and desires of everyone, but is safe, as the dark night of the fourth plane has been passed. Remember I am skipping over these matters. The soul now knows the thoughts and desires, but cannot control the desires. On this fifth plane, it cannot have that intense longing for God which lovers who do not know or care about planes have.

When it progresses to the sixth plane, which includes the second function of mind, the soul becomes feelings, desires, emotions personified. And as all infinite feelings come from God, Who is the seventh state of consciousness, the soul now directly sees God everywhere and in everything, yet feels itself aloof from the Beloved. Here there is the great abyss, beyond which the lover sees the Beloved, and feels separated from the Beloved. The Beloved says: “Come to me.” The lover says: “I cannot; you come to me!”

This glorious state is described as one end of a hair in the hand of the Beloved and the other in that of the lover; there is a long tussle. If the Beloved pulls too hard, the hair will break; so the tussle goes on for years and years. Among millions of such lovers of God who long for union with God, one will reach the Beloved. Very, very few lovers succeed. When one crosses the valley and is united with God, he finds that it was himself he was seeking. He, himself, is the Beloved. He then knows, “I am God.” Out of thousands of such united ones, one comes down to normal consciousness and is called Qutub, or Christ, or Avatar, or Perfect Master.

The sixth plane has a manzil and one muqam, God, Whom the soul sees everywhere. I talk of God and you go to God in sound sleep.

Date: 19 September 1954  (“The Three Incredible Weeks”)

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4467

(, Revised 2014, p3587)

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