“The Word of Words” – “It will go straight to its heart”


“Wine is prepared by the crushing and further crushing of grapes, whereby it acquires the capacity for intoxication, which usually takes away one’s […]

“The Word of Words” – Humanity should surrender unconditionally to the abiding love


“When I say that my manifestation is connected with the breaking of my silence, people should not expect an outpouring of […]

The oceanic upheaval of the Avatar’s manifestation


Early on Wednesday morning, 22 December 1948, Adi Sr. brought Manek Mehta and Burjor Mehta to Meherazad. Manek was the leader of a […]

Let disturbing thoughts come and go


Question: I have been trying so hard to bring the mind to a state of coma, but the rush of thoughts […]

Intellectual conviction is the first step


On another occasion, an elderly man Mr. Audrey came with his wife and child to Russell Road for Baba’s blessing. […]

Only love counts


One day Baba explained at length about creation, rebirth and God-realization. He ended by stating:

Let these matters not […]

“I am he, undoubtedly”

That day a Catholic priest, Father Anthony, the principal of Saint Catherine of Siena School in Bombay, came for Baba’s darshan.

The […]

Teachings in accordance with our readiness to listen and understand



Life at the school ashram returned to a normal schedule again. In the course of his explanations on Monday, […]

“The ego will not die so easily”


On Thursday, 30 April 1931, Jamshed Mehta, the mayor of Karachi, came to see Baba. Baba praised his sincere efforts and sympathetic […]

“Could anyone imagine what an opportunity it is to serve me?”

While in Calcutta, Raosaheb was quite exhausted from arranging all this sightseeing and was also recovering from their recent trip to Kashmir, […]