Intellectual conviction is the first step


On another occasion, an elderly man Mr. Audrey came with his wife and child to Russell Road for Baba’s blessing. He was a lover of philosophy and a kindhearted person whom Baba liked. Baba took Audrey’s son on his lap and kissed him. Seeing this, Audrey’s heart filled with love. Though he tried to check his emotions, tears fell from his eyes.

Consoling him, Baba explained, “The study of book knowledge and philosophy merely satisfies the intellect, but it is not all. The real thing is to think of God, to feel God and to experience God. Actual feeling, perception and experience should be gained, for these are real. Intellectual conviction is the first step, and faith is born from it, but there should be continuous progress.”, p1276
Sept, 1931; Russel Road, London


“The language of the heart is the song of love for the Beloved.”
(, p3431)


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