“Could anyone imagine what an opportunity it is to serve me?”

While in Calcutta, Raosaheb was quite exhausted from arranging all this sightseeing and was also recovering from their recent trip to Kashmir, where Baba had contacted Pandit. Raosaheb wondered moodily why Baba put him to so much trouble over these two boys. He was noticeably very upset. Baba called him and explained:

“There are two main things in this Path for devotees or aspirants to remember: first, carry out every word of the Master. Second, do not feel disgusted or depressed with the result or outcome of any work, however negative it might appear, or feel upset about any taunts of the Master…

You did your best and in your efforts underwent untold suffering; then, on top of that, I let my arrows fly at you! I took you to task, taunted and abused you, and this has made you feel fed up. This last pricking from me drove you to desperation. That should not have been. What do you know of my pricking you with thorns in spite of all your wholehearted efforts, of which I am fully aware? How could you fathom the underlying object of my piercing you with thorns? I have special reasons for doing it, which you can never understand. You naturally think that I suffer and that is why I taunt you, but this is a great misconception on your part. I give you the opportunity to serve, and through these sharp arrows, teach you the lessons of how to serve the Master. Could anyone imagine what an opportunity it is to serve me, which you are now fortunate to have?

I may scold you as much as I like, but if your conscience tells you that you have done your best, then don’t lose your temper nor be depressed, however much I criticize and taunt you. These pricking words have some great motive behind them. Therefore, swallow [your thoughts] and suffer everything quietly. You should not be annoyed, but remain in a good mood and be cheerful, despite your brain reeling. Your very wrath shows that you still lack something in carrying out my wish! However I may taunt, hurt or harass you, bear it all like a stone and be conscious only of serving me. That is what is desired.

… There is a secret behind all these affronts; my bitter words contain sweetness within. So continue tolerating all unconcerned; and enduring everything, try to be happy. Be in a good mood and cheerful, even when contrary thoughts assail you. I only want this much from you.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p1193
Aug, 1930;Calcutta

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