Mind’s false ego – Part 5 (Final)


Tukaram was a Perfect Master. In one of his abhangs [verses of song] he has said:

“The Master, by his grace, […]

Mind’s false ego – Part 4

When the false ego is effaced, God manifests and plurality is merged in Unity forever.

This is the […]

Mind’s false ego – Part 3


The other aspect of the ego is still more subtle. It is connected with your so-called inalienable identification with the body and mind. […]

Mind’s false ego – Part 2


The result will ever be that God was ever before the time you can imagine. How can you succeed to bring God, Who […]

Mind’s false ego – Part 1


The subject of the mind’s false ego came up again when L. Neurgaonkar, an engineer of the Poona municipality, saw Baba that day. […]