Mind’s false ego – Part 2


The result will ever be that God was ever before the time you can imagine. How can you succeed to bring God, Who is beyond time, into the bounds of time? To experience the timeless experience of being God the Infinite, patience and impatience are necessary. How can this be achieved? The first step toward this achievement can be taken by having an ardent aspiration to become like the dust at the feet of the Perfect Master. The more lightweight you become, the higher you get wafted by the ever-blowing breeze of his compassion.

Pointing to Pukar, Baba remarked:

Here is a fatty, a heavy person. Suppose he wants to fly high in the air — not in an airplane. I am only giving a simile. What should he do? What should he become? If he becomes light, like a dry leaf, then just a breeze is enough to lift him high up in the air. Owing to ego, your life becomes infinitely heavy and bulky. Ego is the obstacle.

This false ego of the mind must be effaced. But it is almost impossible. Removal of the false ego is the end of separate existence.

Ego generally expresses itself as pride. So a man says: “I alone did that work. It is only I who could do that work that way.” Pride nourishes the ego.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4649
April, 1960; Guruprasad

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