Married souls and God-Realization

In one of Vollmoeller’s scenarios [in Baba’s film project], he had written that a husband and wife achieve God-realization together. On Tuesday, 1 January […]

“Your faith and courage have made me very happy.”

Kaikobad to the right of Baba


On Sunday, 27 February 1966, Adi came to Meherazad at 9:30 A.M. with Waman and Dhake. […]

“I am God; my word is Truth.”


Baba asked Robert [Dreyfuss], “What work were you doing before you came to India?”

Robert said that he had been working in a […]

“If drugs could make one realize God, then God is not worthy of being God.”

Baba then asked if many young people in America were taking drugs, such as LSD. Robert [Dreyfuss] said yes, and Baba said, “Tell those […]

“Let thoughts come and go … Continue obeying me.”

A daughter named Shakuntala was born on the 18th to Chhagan’s wife, who became quite ill after the delivery. Four days later, Baba directed […]

If you want this prem [love] that you desire, … you must obey me”

Robert Dreyfuss [aged 22] had been planning a trip to India for some years and now knew why — to see Meher Baba! He […]

God in human form

A Zoroastrian army general and his wife came to see Baba for the first time. He had heard and read a little about Baba […]

Baba’s suffering is mental and spiritual

1965 Darshan

“No one knows how I am suffering. My suffering is not only physical but also mental and spiritual. There is […]

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