God in human form

A Zoroastrian army general and his wife came to see Baba for the first time. He had heard and read a little about Baba but could not accept the fact that Baba was God in human form. After the general was seated and introduced, Baba told him, “What harm is there if you cannot accept the concept of God in human form as long as you are 100 percent honest and follow the three precepts of Zoroaster — namely good thoughts, good words and good deeds.”

The general’s face brightened, and he said he was very honest and followed the three precepts of Prophet Zoroaster. Baba added, “If you were to read God Speaks, you will have an idea of how Infinity can be bottled up in human form. You will also know that for God, Who is infinitely powerful, it is possible to do anything. Do not worry. Read God Speaks and you will understand that nothing exists but God. You are also God, but you are under the hallucination that you are a human being.”

Without hesitation, the general replied, “Yes, we are all God!”

-www.lordmeher.org, p5150
May, 1965; Guruprasad


“In fact, nothing [in the world] really matters. What really matters is to see me as I really am.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p5150)

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