Married souls and God-Realization

In one of Vollmoeller’s scenarios [in Baba’s film project], he had written that a husband and wife achieve God-realization together. On Tuesday, 1 January 1935, Baba pointed out that this could never happen. He explained, “No two souls united in wedlock as husband and wife can be Realized together simultaneously —never.”

Vollmoeller asked Baba why this was so. Baba elaborated, drawing a diagram: “Because in the chain of births and deaths, each opposite sex changes simultaneously; that is, male becomes female, and female becomes male.” Baba drew a curving vertical line denoting the changing of male and female forms to illustrate his point. “Two souls reincarnate together changing their sex for a number of lifetimes until they drift apart at that certain point nearest to Realization.”

Baba concluded, “The secrets of life are absolutely unintelligible to the human mind. That is why they are never revealed as they are, but in different methods and shapes.”, p1662
Jan, 1935; United States

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