“I am God; my word is Truth.”


Baba asked Robert [Dreyfuss], “What work were you doing before you came to India?”

Robert said that he had been working in a mental hospital. Baba smiled and continued:

Very good. When you go back to the United States I want you to go back to the hospital, to that ward, and I will work through you with the patients. I want you to return to the hospital to serve the patients and give them my love; I will help you bring my love to them. I will work through you with them. And remember to dedicate all situations, good or bad, at my feet.

You are to bring my message to those ensnared in the drug-net of illusion that they should abstain, that the drugs will bring more harm than good. I send my love to them.

I am happy that you have come. I have drawn you to me. You are blessed. Now that I have given you so much of my time and of my love, I expect you to be worthy of my love. Remain determined to do what I say. If you do all the things I have told you 100 percent, then perhaps you will bring to me one day the whole group of your contacts. Do not pay visits to yogis or saints, or go to tombs or shrines, because there is no more need for this.

I am God; my word is Truth.

… About his time with Baba, Robert Dreyfuss later wrote:

I always find it difficult to translate into words the essentially nonverbal experience of being with Baba, but … Emanating from him was an aura of total peace, surely what is spoken of in the New Testament as “the peace that passeth all understanding.” This is not something I understood when being with him, but rather felt in the core of my being. There was no room for games or pretensions or masks; it was simply being alone with my Self, and being totally accepted — for what I am and am not.

There was a love radiating from Baba that I can only call dynamic, a love that was not confined to that time and place, but is with me now and that grows more vivid with time. This extraordinary dynamic love emanated from Baba effortlessly, just as the light does from the sun. There is no one else he could be, except who he says he is!

-www.lordmeher.org, p5192
Nov, 1965; Meherazad

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