“Let thoughts come and go … Continue obeying me.”

A daughter named Shakuntala was born on the 18th to Chhagan’s wife, who became quite ill after the delivery. Four days later, Baba directed Chhagan to take his wife to Ahmednagar and return after admitting her to the hospital. But Chhagan was in a bad mood and refused.

Baba asked him why he did not want to go. Chhagan replied, “When nothing avails, what is the use of going?”

“What do you mean nothing avails?” Baba asked.

“Everything avails! You keep nightwatch by my side, eat vegetarian food, do not drink liquor and are not inclined to doing any evil deeds. Does this not all avail? Everything avails!”

This silenced Chhagan and Baba continued,

“Mental upsets are present for all. Let thoughts come and go, but do not be anxious about them. Do not pay attention to whatever thoughts, however evil, might arise. Continue obeying me. This will set things right. Otherwise it will mean unnecessary harassment for you and for me, also! If you want to be with me, you must obey my orders. If not, then go away!”

So according to Baba’s wish, Chhagan took his wife to a nursing home in Ahmednagar, where his in-laws looked after her, and Chhagan returned to Meherabad.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1607
May, 1934; Meherabad

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